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Sky Cruise

Flying without limits

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The possibility of flying non-stop for endless years is already on the table with the Sky Cruise, a futuristic hotel that floats above the clouds. Powered by nuclear energy and accommodating up to five thousand people, the plane comes in an elegant design, boasting the characteristics of a commercial aircraft and, at the same time, a luxury cruise. The project includes everything a sophisticated place is entitled to: a giant hall with a 360º view, shopping centres, swimming pools, restaurants, gyms, cinema and theatre facicilities, as well as children’s playgrounds. It also offers space for events and business meetings. If you would like to eternalise your love above the clouds, this is also possible, enjoying breath taking views of glittering stars and the aurora borealis. Designed by Tony Holmsten and animated by Hashem Al-Ghaili, the project defies the laws of physics and aerodynamics, while guaranteeing harmony with Mother Nature, as it does not have a carbon footprint. The hotel that promises to endlessly float in the air without ever running out of fuel, thanks to a nuclear reactor that provides unlimited power, is quite an ambitious prototype. Incorporating artificial intelligence, the aircraft hotel would not feel turbulence on the flight, predicting it minutes before it happens, as well as being equipped with high technology. We have never been so close to saying goodbye to seasickness and jet-lag, thanks to a solution that relies on nuclear energy.    
Joana Rebelo
T. Joana Rebelo
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