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2nd interim meeting of the Diaspora investors

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After the Azores, Madeira was the host for the 2nd interim meeting of the diaspora investors, on 24th and 26th June. The initiative welcomed hundreds of investors, institutions connected to the world of the Diaspora, businessmen and entrepreneurs of the Portuguese communities spread over numerous countries on five continents, thus opening doors to possible business partnerships. This is the second time the city of Funchal welcomes a regional meeting of the Diaspora investors, which arose as a result of a decision taken at the second meeting of the Diaspora Investors, held in 2017, in Viana do Castelo which, apart from the annual meetings, intends to promote regional interim meetings giving in, this way, an increasing visibility to the enormous potential and to the right conditions to entrepreneurship and investment in these regions. These events are an initiative of the Secretary of State for communities and are carried out by the GAID-Diaspora investors support Office, with the collaboration of local identities. These, apart from bringing the Portuguese businessmen and investors of the Diaspora to Portugal, also welcome the participation of the Portuguese companies that wish to internationalize their business.  

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