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Ahoy Club

APP and website for luxury yacht rental

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For those who want to spend a different holiday, or just spend a long weekend in an unusually extraordinary way, and is not too much into it, Ahoy Club has found the perfect solution. This is an application for smartphones or a website where more than 3500 yachts are available for hire around the world. This way, and when renting directly on these platforms, the frequent commission rates are significantly reduced around 70%. Apart from 'offering ' yachts for all tastes, but only for some wallets, The Ahoy Club also offers Ahoy Concierge, available to help with itineraries and other issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For each ship there’s a captain, crew and chef, to provide memorable experiences. Whichever yacht is chosen, there is certainty of unique moments, especially if it is the first time aboard this type of ship, but the experience would become truly magical if the choice was on Queen Miri, the most expensive yacht available. The rental costs something like 1.4 million euros per week. There are 18 cabins, four decks and 36 crew members.

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