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Customer Centric Conference

Organized by Unbabel, a Portuguese startup

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The first edition of Customer Centric Conference (CCC) is organized by Unbabel, a Portuguese startup that combines artificial intelligence with human post-editing machine translation, and will happen in Lisbon, at Suspenso, on June 6th. In order to celebrate the ideas, technology and the responsible for the change in customer experience, the event, in addition to relying on the representation of Microsoft, Google, Vimeo, Concentrix, easyJet, Expedia,, Majorel, Pipedrive, among others, will also join multiple panels, presentations and workshops that will be discussed and debated by world experts from various areas, from the digital customer support, to project and operation managers. The journalists Jessica Twentyman and Adi Gaskell, that moderate panels, David Rowan, the former editor of Wired, and Diana Gomes da Silva, the first Portuguese pilot of easyJet, will also be attending the event.  
Unbabel will also be the stage for three Portuguese startups in the CCC. The Attentive, co-founded by Daniel Aguilar, Cleverly, co-founded by Cristina Fonseca, and the Vantta, co-founded by João Martins, along with Qualitista startup from Estonia, will integrate the Customer Centric Startups to watch, that will be fully dedicated to them. Vasco Pedro, CEO and co-founder of Unbabel, said: «our Conference has a strategic focus on innovation and customer service technology and our speakers will discuss and demonstrate some advanced trends that can enhance their operations».

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