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Responsible for the creation of customised solutions in the field of ‘Residential & Marine’ technology, Home Technology Designers is a department of Segurtec | Global Solutions, a company set up in 2001, dealing in the design of solutions and services in the area of ​​technological innovation, while standing out for offering integrated solutions in differing areas, including industry, residential, hotels, lodgings, offices, commerce, among others.

With vast experience and active abroad, Home Technology Designers has achieved a prominent position, resulting in the preference and confidence of anyone looking for the latest technological solutions. Smart houses, which simplify everyday life, in terms of communication, security and comfort, live in the imagination of many people who think they are straight out of the movies. However, many of the technologies seen in films are real. With regard to security, for example, you can receive alerts in the event of intrusion, smoke, fire, flood or gas leaks.

Or you can monitor your home in real time, through your smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world, allowing you to see what is happening or enabling access to restricted areas of the house. It is even possible to answer the door when someone rings the bell, giving the impression of being at home. In the area of ​​entertainment, HTD home cinemas, combining sound and image quality with clean design and comfort, aim to provide users with the same visual and auditory sensations felt at cinemas and live events.

Home Technology Designers creates these and other technological solutions that are designed to complement any décor or style of architecture. Its highly specialised team of engineers, designers and technicians ensures the correct operation and setup of all installed solutions, adapting them to the desires and requirements of each client. 

Home automation, home cinemas, outdoor sound, hi-fi sound, multimedia, lighting and temperature control, access control, multiroom sound, structured networks, TV lift devices, golf simulators and marine solutions (technological solutions such as audio, video, automation and lighting for luxury vessels) are some of the areas in which it operates, because at Home Technology Designers, dreams are designed, manufactured and installed: luxurious and customised spaces down to the smallest detail.

T. Maria Amélia Pires
P. Rights Reserved
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