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Konica Minolta awarded

Good environmental practice

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By assessing and recognizing the best of the year practice and business initiatives in the area of environmental sustainability, particularly in manufacturing, Nikkei Inc. has put Konica Minolta in first position in the study of environmental resource management. Konica Minolta’s Portugal and Spain CEO Vasco Falcão, says «this recognition is the result of our commitment and continuous investment in the area of sustainability. Because we are a global company, a leader in our industry, there is a great sense of social responsibility. Meaning that we continually review the overall impact of our activity, particularly at an environmental level, which allows us to establish solid plans, with clear targets and commitments, which we apply across the board to the various markets where we have operation or that match the reality of each market. Environmental management is, in fact, an integral part of our business strategy». Nikkei Inc.’s study is performed at Japanese companies and is based on five criteria, with Konica Minolta getting the maximum rating (100%) in environmental management promotion system, in the circulation of resources and in combating climate change. Moreover, it got a 98% score in fighting against pollution and in the preservation of biodiversity, as well as on its products.

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