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Miele, the brand leader of premium home appliances, was represented at IFA Berlin 2019, one of the largest technology fairs in the world. In this annual event, the brand consolidated its position of leadership in technology and design presenting its new intelligent solutions for the household, that offer greater convenience thanks to the connectivity between the equipment and a personalized performance. TriFlex HX1 Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most significant additions presented at the fair and its main innovation, among others, is the fact that it adjusts its performance to the surface in which it operates. Washing and drying machines with QuickPowerWash technology and connected to each other for better convenience, speed and efficiency; Generation 7000 new series of appliances; Even more modern kitchen exhaust fans and refrigerators; And the 120 series, commemorative of the 120 years of the brand, were some of the intelligent solutions presented by Miele. Of German origin, the family business was founded in 1899 and has, since then, focused on the philosophy and motto «Immer Besser» (Always better), offering the best product to its customers through innovative machines known for its high quality, modern design and advanced technology. All Miele products are tested for a minimum life-span of 20 years.

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