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NEC Display Solutions has, through Ésistemas, announced its latest product in silent laser projectors, offering the highest quality of projection, without any nuisance through noise, in order to provide more productive meetings. NEC P605UL is super silent (with only 19dB noise levels in low power mode - even quieter than a clock) and, moreover, it is completely maintenance-free thanks to its sealed, unfiltered optical engine, which means that the users can enjoy 20,000 hours of a useful laser light source. P605UL is truly an ‘install-and-forget’ real projector, since it does not require the need of light bulbs or filters exchange. In addition, it only consumes 357W of energy in normal mode, and thus associated with low operating costs. 
But its ‘skills’ do not end here. Designed for larger surfaces and lighter areas, P605UL features impressive visuals with 6,000 ansi-lumens, guaranteeing a perfect visibility even in well-lit spaces.
P605UL is totally oriented to the future, with a 4 k @ 30 Hz input processing for extremely sharp resolutions, a comprehensive connectivity and a WUXGA resolution support for the ultimate image quality-without any fan noise disturbance. Moreover, it also features Wi-Fi function and MultiPresenter for wireless presentation and screen sharing. For all this, it is the perfect projector for any space, from meeting rooms, classrooms, conference rooms, etc.

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