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Open Classes at Católica University in Porto

Dialogues on Art and Science

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The new session of Aulas Abertas (the Open Classes programme) – an initiative promoted by the School of Arts of the Católica University in Porto – began on February 20th, with Diogo Evangelista, followed by the artist Marta Menezes, who explored the articulation between contemporary art projects and biology. This new edition, which ends on May 28 th, approaches a dialogue between art and science that, in some cases, is made of approximation and convergence and, in others, of distancing and divergence. The sessions – boosted on Thursday – also intend to reflect on how art and science view the world and achieve results. Analyzing the work processes of artists and scientists, the presence of error, accident, rationality and intuition, as well as the construction of speculative, fictional and material universes, will be other moments of reflection in this program. Furthermore, the 2020 edition of Open Classes will be attended by Edgar Martins, Alexandre Estrela, Monica Bello, Alexandre Quintanilha, among others. The full programme is available at: 
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