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XPG Golden Summoner

The keyboard made of gold

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It was presented some days ago at CES 2020 and it is a keyboard made of 24-carat gold, which costs nothing less than €9,000. CES, consumer electronics show, takes place in Las Vegas, the USA, every beginning of the year, to reveal the biggest innovations in technology, allowing you to catch a glimpse of what will be the future in technological matters, but also presenting some bizarre 'inventions'. Maybe this keyboard fits in the latter. The So-baptized XPG Golden Summoner was created by Adata that thought about gamers and saw daylight when a customer ordered personalized and extravagant hardware. The base construction of the keyboard is aluminum, having been covered with 24 carat gold. Because it is a limited product (only six produced), Adata will not put it available for sale in the traditional way. Those interested in the keyboard should therefore contact the company for the acquisition of a copy.

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