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José Manuel Fernandes

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New concepts in cosmetic dentistry

Miguel Stanley

Founder and clinical director of White Clinic and founder of SLowDentistry Foundation

Miguel Stanley
I’ve been a cosmetic dental surgeon for more than 20 years now, focusing on the latest trends in implant dentistry and complex oral rehabilitation. The technologies and materials made available to us nowadays, such as CAD/CAM milling robots and advanced nanotechnology, allow us to create better mechanics and aesthetics. We can use intra-oral scanners to take impressions, 3D printers to make our orthodontics and software to plan our surgeries with impressive precision and even incorporate some artificial intelligence into some steps of the diagnostic phase. All this is what our industry is creating to help us deliver faster diagnostics, better design tools and ultimately more aesthetics for our patients.
I am very proud to have all these technologies in the clinic and to see White Clinic, a Portuguese business, as a global leader in the field of advanced cosmetic and biological dentistry. I am also proud to teach and lecture on this in universities around the world. There is virtually nothing we cannot do to fix a smile nowadays. It simply takes a combination of time, patience, and investment. There is, however, a growing trend in oral healthcare and dentistry that needs to be addressed: patients who want to undergo treatment for a second or third time, who are now seeking to upgrade their smiles with new solutions.
I see many of these patients in my practice and these cases require the entire scope of treatment and technology. Treatments such as veneers and implant dentistry are not enough.
Careful planning and interdisciplinary treatment design are required. We have to be as conservative as possible, but it is crucial that we remove sources of inflammation established around old, failed treatments, proven to be linked to systemic health issues.
We always like to fix the whole mouth in one go, whenever possible, saving time and resources.
My «No Half Smiles» concept illustrates that a smile is seen as a whole, and that only treating parts of it, when there are serious underlying health issues, will most certainly prevent you from getting the most out of your new treatment and not allow you to enjoy your best years with your best smile.
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