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Sofia Andrez

CEO of Sofia Andrez Interiors

She studied business management, but interior design is what fulfils her. She embraced this challenge eight years ago and the feedback has been so gratifying that Sofia continues to dream and make dreams come true: hers and those of the many people who place their faith in Sofia Andrez Interiors. She tells us that creativity has to be boundless and that to fuel it, they travel «primarily to places of interest in our area». In spite of the great recognition she has already achieved, Sofia aspires to developing renowned projects, opening a showroom in Lisbon and being able to always rely on her team.
Sofia Andrez
What area does atelier Sofia Andrez Interiors operate in?
Our design studio is dedicated to creating interior design projects. Our main goal is to go beyond the expectations of our clients. In most cases, we are asked to work from the outset of a project so that, together with the architecture team, we can design the house according to the concept we have created.

Does your initial academic background in business management complement your current work area, or is it irrelevant?
I believe my academic background in business management is an essential complement to my specialisation in interior design. The constant attempt to optimise costs and maximise value for money is an advantage for both my company and my clients. The organisation techniques inherent to management studies help me to work as efficiently and effectively as possible on a daily basis.

In your still relatively short time working in this area, how has your work been received and what feedback have you had?
I started this new phase of my life about eight years ago. Since then, we have enjoyed continued and significant growth. We now have a team of nine members, three of them interior designers. The feedback, from direct clients, or third parties, has been very gratifying.
« At an international level, we have had some requests from within the hotel industry that may take place in the short term»
Is creativity boundless? What trigger sets off the act of creating environments?
Creativity is something that is within each person and in our case it has to be boundless, so that we can always create different environments, unique and unforgettable details. The design of each project begins with a brainstorming session of the creative team, from which the best ideas are taken from each member. To fuel this creativity, we travel, especially to places of interest in our area. This year we have been to Paris, Milan, Miami and São Paulo.

What are your dreams for the future of Sofia Andrez, as a professional?
I dream that the name of the Sofia Andrez Interiors studio gains in recognition and that we are involved in renowned projects. At an international level, we have had some requests from within the hotel industry that may take place in the short term. We aspire to opening a showroom in Lisbon. I would like to continue with my team, which allows me to achieve all the goals that I propose. They have been fantastic!
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