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Reinaldo Teixeira

«The most decisive moment was my commitment to business life and the willingness to always do more and better»

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A native of the Algarve, Reinaldo Teixeira is the MD of Garvetur – a leading real estate company in the Algarve region; he holds leading positions in business associations, such as vice-president of the Algarve Association of Hotels and Tourist Developments (AHETA); vice-president of the Portuguese Rural Tourism Federation and vice-president of the National Board of APEMIP, among many others. In addition to all this, he is a member of the diplomatic corps as Honorary Consul of Brazil in the Algarve. With a degree in Management and Real Estate, the businessman is considered one of the key players in the Algarve property market. The companies he represents are very much involved in social responsibility, starting with support for sports and cultural groups in the region. Today he is also president of the Algarve Football Association, but his passion for sport dates back to his childhood. 

If you could choose which would be the moments that have most marked the country and the world over the last 20 years?
The beginning of the 21st century brought great changes throughout the world: new technologies, advances in health care, environmental awareness, among others. I would also highlight the single currency of the European Union, which consolidated common objectives for more than 500 million Europeans. The Web, the Internet and social networks have made their mark on communications. The emergence of low-cost airlines has democratised travel. Scientific advances have allowed vaccines to be developed in less than a year. It is important for us to ensure immunity and overcome the health crisis that has shaken the world. Portugal ranks well in the world, but a global effort is needed, on which depends the resumption of travel, essential for 27 million jobs linked to tourism in the EU.  

Professionally, what was the most decisive moment for you in these two decades?
I would say that the most decisive moment has been my commitment to business life and the willingness to always do more and better, while at the same time being joined, as a rule, by loyal and dedicated teams. Based on this principle, Garvetur, SA, which has been in the real estate, holiday and residential tourism market since 1983, has created an unprecedented strategy in Portugal, by providing a range of services that cover the entire gamit of tourism activities. The formation in 2001, of Enolagest, SGPS, with Garvetur as the anchor company, was important. Today there are 41 companies focused on consultancy and investment services, brokerage, purchase, sale, construction, renovation, maintenance, repair, interior and exterior design, as well as property management and insurance, and the rental and sale of vehicles. The group has diversified its activities into the areas of education, training and human resources management. The maturity, quality and professionalism of Enolagest’s companies is distinctive. We guarantee more than 400 jobs.

In your opinion, what would be the great change that the country and the world would need to undergo in the next 20 years?
At a world level, we need to overcome the challenges defined by the Millennium Agenda, the first set of global goals to improve human development and guarantee social well-being. Tourism, as an «industry of peace», is a decisive factor of growth and economic progress worldwide. I would like to highlight the Global Compact, a voluntary initiative by companies, to align their business strategies, taking into account the 10 universal principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. At  a national level, I would highlight the importance of achieving service excellence, raising awareness about increased productivity. The management of public space and the value of the environment are necessary to maintain the unique qualities of the country, so that the economic recovery that we are now beginning can be successful. In Algarve, conditions are urgently needed to retain people and provide them with knowledge and skills. We need to invest in new business areas, bearing in mind that the Algarve, as Portugal’s main tourist destination, offers something for various segments of the market.

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