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Pinheirinho Golf Course

An international triumph

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Golf, and the tourism it drives, has been a star for Portugal. The country’s climate, the beauty of the courses and their surroundings, as well as the comfort of the estates in which they are located, make golf a beacon of luxury, attracting increasing numbers of visitors and inquisitive minds. In this aspect, Comporta stands out as being one of the most internationally successful destinations, and has become one of the trendiest of the moment. 
Aware of this, real estate developer VIC Properties has already ensured its place in the region by acquiring Herdade do Pinheirinho, a 200-hectare property in Melides, where it intends to build hotels, villas and apartments, anticipating a total investment of around 450 to 500 million Euros. The launch of the complex also includes a golf course, which has just been premiered, in a major event, by the players who attended Villas&Golfe magazine’s 20th anniversary tournament, on October 30. But the project is not yet entirely finished. Pinheirinho Golf Course, a course located in one of the most popular areas for Portuguese and foreigners, between Comporta and Melides, has been developed by the architect Jorge Santana da Silva. The design, with its lush, green landscape, has fascinated all those who have played there on an experimental basis. A magnificent Par 72, with challenging tees and the longest hole in Portugal. Opinions are unanimous: this is an excellent course.

Pinheirinho Golf Course: a magnificent Par 72, with challenging tees and the longest hole in Portugal

In the near future, Pinheirinho Golf Course will boast all its facilities, starting with an innovative clubhouse to be developed by the renowned practice Jacobsen Arquitetura and will have a spa area, so that players can recover quickly, a members’ room and a premium restaurant.
This is a pivotal facility for the development of the touristic project that VIC Properties will soon launch and in which you can find detached villas with varying areas, apartments in several configurations and townhouses, also in a range of sizes. Besides this property portfolio, the project will also have a five-star hotel that will be, without a doubt, a benchmark property in the region and that will boost, even more, what is already one of the most attractive areas of the Portuguese coast.
It is projects of this quality that increasingly bring recognition and well-deserved awards to tourism in Portugal, as has been seen.
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T. Editorial Team
P. Ricardo Oliveira Alves
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