22 Years Interviews

Founder and CEO of Engimov Construções

Tomás Barbosa

«Engimov Construções has grown steadily every year»
Founder of Kuc

Rui Marçal

«The ultimate in simplicity and naturalness»

Reinaldo Teixeira

«It is essential to know how to act at the right time»
CEO of BF Consultores and Icecare

Raúl Borges

«Many times, very many in fact, we have to know how to put things into perspective»

Paulo Abrantes

«We are active in areas of great importance to the population»
CEO of Formas de Pedra

Paula Moucheira

«Marble isn’t just about construction»
General Manager of Luxury Cars at C. Santos VP

Miguel Costa

«Working with luxury brands is a great challenge»
Country Manager of Vispring Portugal

Miguel Barros

«A unique brand on the world stage»
BMW Group Portugal CEO

Massimo Senatore

«We have one of the BMW brand’s best shares in the whole of Europe and the world»
Founder and CEO of Antarte

Mário Rocha

«At the cutting edge of home décor trends»
Managing Director of Tapetes de Beiriz

Jorge Rees

«Each piece we produce is a unique expression of craftsmanship and design»
Country Manager of Haier Portugal

João Paulo Ferreira

«A distinctive consumer experience»
General Director of the RPI Group

João Leitão

«We include every type of consumer in the group’s ecosystem»
Founder of Traçado Regulador

João de Sousa Rodolfo

«Architecture possesses a great sense of time inertia»
Founder of the atelier João Cabrita Arquitecto

João Cabrita

«Like humanity, architecture is going through a process of adaptation and transformation»
CEO of Garage Wines

Ivone Ribeiro

«Helping customers to discover smaller producers»
Chairman of AGROS

Idalino Leão

«Farm life has never been easy, nor will it ever be»
Mayor of Bragança Municipality

Hernâni Dias

«Time management is always a major challenge»
Country Manager of Dry-Ager

Gonçalo Mendes

«The Dry-Ager product is made from sophisticated technology»
Founder of GS Luxury Concept

Gi Santos

«More than a shop, the new space is a tribute to the female universe»
CEO of Van Zellers & CO

Cristiano van Zeller

«Every Van Zellers & Co wine tells a story»
CEO of Bulhosas

Alberto Bulhosa

«Doing the same as everyone else is unthinkable for us»
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