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As Canções da Maria

Project reaches the coliseus in show mode

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This project was created by Maria Vasconcelos, after realizing that her two daughters, Mathilde and Manon, reacted in a very positive way to school matters through music interaction. It has, therefore, the goal of showing children that learning can be fun. This children's project, called As Canções da Maria, will debut at the Coliseus next March: first, at Coliseu do Porto AGEAS, on the 8th, moving on to Coliseu de Lisboa on the 15th. During the show, Maria, Mathias, Mathilde and Manon will perform several songs, poems, rhymes and many curiosities, while going through school themes as interesting as the History of Portugal or mathematics. As Canções da Maria already have three CD+DVD+Book, and illustrations by Nuno Markl.

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