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Exhibition Alberto Giacometti - Peter Lindbergh. Capturing the Invisible

Porto, from April 1st to September 24th

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Photographer Peter Lindbergh was invited to photograph Alberto Giacometti's collection at the Artist's Foundation in Paris. The result gave rise to a joint exhibition, of Giacometti's sculptures and Lindbergh's photographs, which now arrives in Porto. So far only exhibited at the Giacometti Institute in Paris, the exhibition Alberto Giacometti – Peter Lindbergh. Capture the Invisible will be presented from April 1st to September 24th, 2020, at MMIPO – Museu da Misericórdia do Porto. This initiative, inserted as part of the celebrations of the 5th anniversary of the Museum, is also a tribute to this legendary fashion photographer who died in September 2019 and who was fully involved in the process of bringing the exhibition to Porto. Pedro Nunes, Director of MMIPO, recalls the moment he hosted Peter Lindbergh in Porto: «He was very interested in understanding all the details of the space and the interaction between the exhibition and the building. But he also made a point in knowing everything about the city and the people. This exhibition is a tribute to his legacy. His art will remain».
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