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He started taking photos in 1994, but Mauro Pinto only became a professional at the turn of the century. Over the years he has collected images that speak and tell stories in silence. There is a kind of love affair between his camera and what is being photographed, so that he is able to capture its essence. He photographs the world and Mozambique, the country where he was born, using light as his accomplice, to ensure that a memory is built with every moment. When travelling for his work, he likes to read and listen to jazz.

In 2012, he won BesPhoto and what goes on inside Mafalala was revealed to the world. Through his lens, Mauro Pinto showed other experiences of the neighbourhood that was once home to Eusébio, José Craveirinha, Fany Mpfumo and Samora Machel, among other great names born in Mozambique. His photos, of anonymous people, put you in the place of another, where sometimes you tremble with the power of the image. With his collection – Dá Licença – you are whisked off to the country at its truest, with all its ethnic groups and languages, where its Mozambicanicity is at its clearest. Mauro Pinto asked for permission, before entering houses and capturing images, which are immortalised in time, in what is his most valued work, where to add the slightest word would be too much.
Inspired by legendary photographer Ricardo Rangel, with whom he learned how to make photography human, since 2004 Mauro has a project that he has called Restos do Mundo (Remains of the World), which are people who wander, through their madness, through the streets of the city of Maputo and that no one sees. Abandoned by their families and friends, they live on the fringes of what is acceptable. To achieve these shocking images, Mauro had to head down into the underworld, where nobody wants to go and to negotiate, sometimes in exchange for food, other times just sitting and talking. With this collection of invisible people, Mauro Pinto has managed to capture what the faces do not say. Each of them in their own way proclaiming that they had not given up on stopping time. The photographer has just wound up their souls a little. Maybe one day the collection will be finished.
The photographer, who reads José Saramago, because he likes the way the Nobel Laureate dismantles Portuguese, sees photography not as a technique, but rather as an image that captures the essence that is almost impossible to detect. He began his professional career in 2000, after studying photography at the Monitor International School in Johannesburg, and his work has already been exhibited on almost every continent. Recently his work could be seen in Macau, as part of the Alter Ego project, before heading to the largest photography exhibition and fair in the world, Paris Photo. Mauro Pinto, who has a permanent exhibition at Galeria 111, in Portugal, always photographs ‘in analogue’ to obtain magical and authentic shades from the light, where the image captured does not have the texture of fiction.

Mauro Pinto asked for permission, before entering houses and capturing images, which are immortalised in time.

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T. Cristina Freire
P. Mauro Pinto
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