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Faro is the most wanted district for a holiday home

OLX research

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According to a now revealed OLX research, based on available date on its online platform, the capital of the Algarve dominates in terms of offer with 60.7% of real estate published ads on the region, which can be seen as an indicator growth of 8.9%. The revealed values reflect the first five months of the year, compared with the same period in 2018, and the parsed values have to do with the demand, offer and the average price of holiday homes in Portugal. Between January and May 2018, only 5381 ads were published in this category of holiday homes, whereas in the same period of 2019, 5908 were published (+ 8.9).  
In addition to Faro, Setúbal (7.6%), Leiria (7%), Braga (4.2%) and Porto (2.9%) close the top 5 of the most popular districts for renting a holiday home. However, only Faro, Braga and Porto had a growth of this indicator. The highest increases in the average price per week are registered in Santarém (41%), Beja (8%), Setúbal (7%), Faro (3%) and Leiria (1%). The districts with the highest decrease in this indicator were Coimbra ( -16%) and Porto ( -9%). Taking only 2019 into account, Santarém (€764), Viana do Castelo (€681) and Braga (€626) present the highest average prices per week, while Coimbra (€285) and Leiria (€381) have the lowest prices.

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