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Housers- Real estate investment platform

Home staging increases profitability

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Founded in Madrid in early 2016, the Housers is an international platform of real estate investment, which is present in Spain, Italy and Portugal, with the aim of democratizing the investment in real estate. Globally, the Housers has over 100,000 registered users from all over the world, and has already accumulated more than 81 million euros invested through collaborative funding. With a minimum of €50, investors can monetize their economies and invest in real estate projects with security and transparency. The company is in Portugal since October 2017 and can currently count on more than 9000 Portuguese users. The Housers highlights the advantages of using Home Staging, a decorating technique used by many developers who use the platform and that allows you to increase the attractiveness and profitability of a property to rent or sell in the market. There are five ways to Home Staging that the Housers presents: The use of neutral colours in decoration, the depersonalisation of the space, the organization of furniture, the increase of luminosity in all spaces and the investment in good photographs of spaces to rent or sell.


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