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One group, two generations

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Success runs in the Vaz family genes. The story of entrepreneurial spirit begins in 1987, with the creation of the family group’s first aspiration, Telfor. Heading towards the dream of creating a leading name in the national market in the distribution and sale of technical textiles, as well as in the rental and sale of marquees, Carlos and Miguel Vaz joined forces to create the first company of the group. The brand’s activity started by focusing on weddings and christenings, but today Telfor has more than 30 years of experience, presenting a more diversified and comprehensive responsiveness. Current market leader in the distribution of technical textiles, the company is the exclusive representative of the brand of technical textiles Sioen, which is the world’s largest producer of coated fabrics. Guaranteeing the best type of fabric for the most effective and long-lasting application, Telfor presents a wide range of technical textiles for the transport, bioenergy and agriculture, construction and industry, entertainment and sports, networking, architecture, textiles, sun protection, advertising and carpeting markets. With regard to the hire and sale of marquees, the brand’s mission is to fit marquees to any type of project, from a corporate event to music festivals. With a team of 30 members, the Portuguese brand ensures it is guided by social responsibility, managing the environment in a sustainable way using recycled raw materials and caring for employees, customers and communities. But the legacy doesn’t stop there.

A company of quality, not volume
Carlos Vaz
The family group saw the birth of a new member on July 09, 2003: Converflex. Founded on the same values as Telfor, the company values commitment, integrity, responsibility and excellence, virtues which serve as a compass for day-to-day activity. Hélder Vaz, the executive director, puts it all into context: «Converflex is the result of the experience of the partners and came about as a company dedicated to packaging. It is a market leader and unique in what it does, as it excels in doing specific things.» The Portuguese group’s brand has been growing at an incredible rate over the last few years and has already made a name for itself in Europe. It is a company of quality and not of volume. When questioned about the usefulness of the Converflex product, the director explains: «The paper that you see wrapping or protecting shoes and shirts is normally ours.» When the brand appeared, the company had four to five competitors, today it occupies 90% of the market, something that Hélder guarantees is the result of the company’s response, quality and seriousness. «We do just what we promise. We don’t need a lot of advertising, people knock on our door,» reveals the member of the Vaz family. The Converflex product reaches different corners of the world, with particular emphasis in the footwear and textile industry, but more besides. The clients are many and from different areas. In Portugal, the brand is most present in the North.

A family group that has lasted for two generations
L. Pereira
Still on the growth path, the group’s most recent company is L. Pereira, a brand that was once a client, but which was bought by the group in 2010. Dedicating itself to semi-prepared materials aimed at various sectors, the company is also already a national name. «Our product is what is commonly known as cardboard. It has greater thickness. We work in medication boxes, footwear, biscuit packets, port wine bottles...,» explains Hélder Vaz. One of the company’s trump cards is its stock levels, always guaranteed for six months. Thanks to this method, the team didn’t feel the impact of the scarcity of materials caused by the war to such an extent. «We were highly prepared. We even helped colleagues in Spain and England,» he reveals. When it comes to waste management, L. Pereira is committed, guaranteeing that no product is sold that is not 100% recycled. The company’s warehouse holds three thousand tons of material and, Hélder explains, he only keeps two types of cardboard in stock, due to lack of space.
A solid family group, which has lasted for two generations. The secret to its success? Its work philosophy. Willingness. The constant ability to respond. But times change, and with them, so do requirements. From Hélder’s perspective, it’s premature to talk about the future, «to what extent will the sector not change? Even so, the great challenge will be that people have the same willingness, sense of responsibility and seriousness to be able to maintain the philosophy that has made everything prosper until today.» The group is currently faced with challenges other than those of 1987: the change of paradigms, fostered by new generations.
Hélder Vaz
Hélder Vaz
Joana Rebelo
T. Joana Rebelo
P. André Rolo
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