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Adega Cartuxa

The new vinho de talha from the Alentejo

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Adega Cartuxa has two more wines revealing excellence, quality and individuality, characteristics which define the wines of Fundação Eugénio de Almeida. The investment in the two singular, secular, and traditional products of the Alentejo’s culture come from the vineyards of Quinta de Valbom, in Évora, where the vineyard has been produced according to organic guidelines for 15 years.
The desire to make vinho de talha or wine made in large clay amphora was one of the old wishes of the Fundação. And, although it was not easy to find old clay pots, that were large enough and in excellent condition, the opportunity arose in 2017, when they were able to acquire 29 old amphorae dating from 1875. After completion of the process of restoring and pezgar the amphorae (which means heating them and coating the inside with pitch, ensuring that they maintain the porosity necessary for micro-oxygenation), the wine production process began, as has been done for around 2,000 years in the Alentejo.In 2017, Adega Cartuxa resumed this traditional wine production of the region: harvesting grapes by hand, foot treading, adding of the crushed grape and bunch remains, where they remain until St. Martin’s Day, when the ‘bleeding’ of the amphorae takes place. The wine returns again to the amphorae where it ages for six months until the final batch is made. It is then bottled, aged in bottles and, finally, ready to be drunk. The new wines from Adega Cartuxa are the Cartuxa Tinto 2017 (red), Vinho de Talha organic wine, 100% Alicante Bouschet, consisting of a single batch, resulting from a blend of all the amphorae; and the Cartuxa Tinto 2018, Vinho de Talha organic wine, seeing as the 2017 harvest has sold out.
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