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Beefeater Light is voted Product of the Year 2023

The gin that won the Portuguese over

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Beefeater Light gin wins the title of Product of the year in Portugal, entering 2023 on a high. With a guarantee of half the calories and half the alcohol, the gin has been gaining the confidence of consumers with its innovative properties. When comparing to competing brands, it registers a higher purchase intention and is also a great option for anyone who want to start the year on a more balanced note. Inspired by the Dry January concept, which is an initiative that challenges the consumer to spend the 31 days of January without consuming any type of alcohol, Beefeater Light comes with the intention of providing a healthier, yet fun lifestyle. Portugal’s ‘Produto do Ano’, the only national method of evaluating the innovation of certified products, awarded the spirit for its quality and innovation. The prize is awarded according to a market survey of Portuguese consumers, based on the parameters of taste and innovation. With its 4% alcohol and 57 Kcal, this gin is easily found in supermarkets and hypermarkets at a retail price of €18.19 and seems to have captured the attention of the Portuguese.
Joana Rebelo
T. Joana Rebelo
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