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Festival do Vinho do Douro Superior (Festival of wine of Douro Superior )

Selection of the best wines of the subregion

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The 8th edition of the Festival do Vinho do Douro Superior (FVDS) took place at the weekend of May 17th to 19th, in Vila Nova de Foz Côa, and was a success. If FVDS is considered a good barometer of the local economic reality, these are good times for the Douro Superior. These were three days of quite intensity, with not only a record number of exhibitors (83), but also of visitors, with around 10 thousand registered entries. More than just numbers, it is important to outstand the confirmation of the quality of wines and the upper Douro flavours and dynamics that this subregion has, shown in the rising of the number of producers and brands launched in the market, year after year. The producers believe that the media, buyers, traders, restaurants and wine shops across the country, have been of a great importance as they search for different wines with a strong nature: both the fresh and vibrant white, and the fruity elegant red.
The FVDS featured a set of activities. Wine tasting and olive oil-commented on by experts and sold out; a colloquium, which reflected on the new opportunities offered to the region; and the tradicional Concurso de Vinhos do Douro Superior, (upper Douro Wines contest), which this year had around 180 references in competition. A jury chose, through blind tasting, the best wines in the categories of white, red and port wine. Respectively the winners were, ‘Quinta da Pedra Escrita branco 2017’, from Rui Roboredo Madeira Wines, ‘Crasto Superior Syrah tinto 2016’, from Quinta do Crasto, and ‘Quinta do Grifo Porto Vintage 2016’ from Rozès.

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