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«A large family of local wines»

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Global Wines was founded in 1990. Between the mountainous areas of the Centro region, at 400 and 700 metres above sea level, the company saw potential in the Dão vineyards to produce something of its own, something unique and charismatic, and at the same time so characteristic of the country. They set out to create a wine, not an ordinary one, but a wine with body and soul. Today, 33 years have passed since the project first took shape. In the meantime, the country has changed, the climate has changed and other requirements have taken over. Today, Global Wines’ strategy includes five wine tourism venues - the Casa de Santar, Paço dos Cunhas, Quinta de Cabriz, Quinta do Encontro and Monte da Cal wineries - three of which have restaurants. The wines of the group’s brands reach more than 40 countries every year, many of which have won national and international acclaim. Blame it on the sense of smell, the sensitivity and expertise of those who produce them, or the unbridled ambition to lead the nation to great achievements. 
As the current leader in the Dão region, the group has the region’s best-selling wine in the world: Cabriz. Casa de Santar is another high-profile name in Portugal. In recent years it has extended its reach throughout Portugal. Brazil has proved to be another masterstroke. "With more than 600 hectares of its own vineyards, wines present in 40 countries on five continents and recognised by the world’s foremost critics, Global Wines is stepping up its commitment to top wines, wine tourism and a clear environmental commitment,” explains Manuel Pinheiro, the group’s CEO. 

Cabriz, the best-selling Dão in the world
Manuel Pinheiro
"How was 2023 for the business?” we asked the man in charge. "In terms of winemaking, it was a very interesting year. We produced excellent grapes and it finally rained the right amount and at the right time,” says Manuel enthusiastically. It seems that expectations have been raised for the group’s future wines, without forgetting that 2023 was also a year of recognising previous vintages, the distinctions and nominations of which prove the constant quality of the product. Casa de Santar Vinha dos Amores Encruzado 2019, a varietal made from the Encruzado grape variety, was honoured as Best Dão Wine and Casa de Santar Vinha dos Amores Espumante Touriga Nacional 2016 was distinguished as Best National Sparkling Wine. Just like these favourites, many others have been catching the public eye.
For 2024, achieving more in terms of flavour and palate is an ambition that is in line with Global Wines’ strategy. Amongst many other new developments, we can expect the launch of the boutique hotel at Casa do Soito, in Santar, the Cabriz brand will undergo a communication overhaul and new wines will be launched by Quinta do Encontro. "Our winemaking team is very committed and has several new developments to announce soon,” reveals Manuel Pinheiro. All that’s left is to keep a close eye on this multi-region, multinational company, which promises to surprise critics and wine lovers in the near future. 
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