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GREY GOOSE® launches new platform

Celebration at Praia no Parque restaurant, in Lisbon

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GREY GOOSE® vodka presents its new platform – –, whose spirit is a response to the consumers who search for more authentic and luxury brands they can identify themselves with. By launching this new platform, the brand intends to remind that quality does not need to be reserved exclusively for life’s greatest moments. By showing the new positioning and the brand’s most accessible and familiarized side, even for life’s most ephemeral moments, is the goal of the new campaign of GREY GOOSE, which counts on Rua Cor de Rosa in Lisbon, and Ericeira for its setting. The new television advertisements reinforce this emotional connection, to show how all occasions have the potential to turn into long lasting memories.  To celebrate the launch of the platform and the new positioning with the Portuguese, GREY GOOSE will perform an event at Praia no Parque restaurant in Lisbon, on May 16  and promises to surprise those who pass by at the end of the day.  With Cuca Roseta and Wallace’s performances, this is an initiative which aims to mirror the main message of the new platform.

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