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House Museum José Maria da Fonseca

New services, spaces and experiences

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The inauguration of the second flagship store By the Wine, expected for Spring, and the organization of events, through the offering of Premium spaces and exclusive experiences, are the latest news on Wine tourism recently presented by the House Museum José Maria de Fonseca, in Vila Nogueira de Azeitão. The House, inaugurated 200 years ago, welcomed more than 42 thousand visitors last year and allowed them to enjoy a variety of services like guided tours, wine tasting and local delicacies, lunch/dinner/cocktail and business meetings, even during the weekend and holiday season.
Henceforth, the House Museum has different experiences available, such as "One day with our family” in which, apart from the guided tour to the house museum followed by wine tasting, the visitors may have lunch or dinner with the presence of one of the family members. Concerning the events,  José Maria da Fonseca has a lot of spaces available: Cave da Bassaqueira, in Adega dos Teares Novos, or the wine shop, where companies/organizations will have the opportunity of adding a unique touch to special moments. 
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