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Adega Cartuxa – Wine Tourism

Idyllic winegrowing setting

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Located in the Quinta de Valbom estate, a few minutes from Évora’s historic centre, and 200 metres from Cartuxa Convent, wine tourism at the Adega Cartuxa winery arrived approximately nine years ago. Ever since that moment excellent service has been the focus of those who take care of the project. The 16th-century building, which is today one of the estate’s wine ageing centres, stands out in the idyllic setting of the property. From the outset, visitors are offered a tour of the centuries-old building - former production space -, where wine and olive oil tastings are held. Then, the various corners of the Quinta de Valbom estate reveal the beauty of the amazing landscapes of the Alentejo. You can feel the fresh air. And a willingness to stay.
However, any talk about wine tourism at the Adega Cartuxa winery must include mention of the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation, which is today the realisation of the dream of a man who was a benefactor and a philanthropist, Vasco Maria Eugénio de Almeida. It was he, who, in 1963, created it.
The range of guests at Cartuxa has always been very diverse. They come from different parts of the globe (80% of visitors). They travel with their family, in groups or on their own. They come looking for history and heritage. They taste and gain a detailed understanding of the wines produced on the property. Therefore, in the shop open to the public, you can purchase the wines and olive oils produced there. They can also sample wine by the glass, as well as taste some regional products, such as cheese and cured meats and sausages. All so delicious!
At the start of this year the space and shop were restructured, enhancing the outdoor and indoor social areas.
The proximity to Lisbon and the good location, as well as the short distance to Spain, favour the Adega Cartuxa further still. But the Alentejo, by itself, is tradition too. And so any talk about Cartuxa wine tourism is talk about tourism, peace, relaxation, tradition, heritage and experience. Cartuxa is a great space for experiencing sensations, for recapturing history and for being immersed in hidden places filled with surprises to tell and discover.
And for people with a talent for taking it easy, in a wine tourism setting, all that remains to be said is that there is much to see and feel. From the agro-industrial project to the agro-livestock and forestry projects, the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation also fulfils a social, cultural, spiritual and educational mission, left by its creator and intended to be continued into the future. 

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T. Maria Cruz
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