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Casa Relvas opens doors at Herdade de São Miguel

Visitors can do harvesting and foot treading

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This is the second year that Casa Relvas opens doors at Herdade de São Miguel to welcome not only wine and Alentejo lovers but also the curious for the art of harvesting, showing all the work done in the vineyard and in the cellar. This experience integrated in wine tourism strategy, which takes place from August 20th to September 20th, aims to provide an unforgettable experience to all those who choose to go to Herdade de São Miguel, in Redondo, wearing Casa Relvas’ sweater for a day. This sweater which is part of the kit offered to all, has a Harvest Crew 2019 t-shirt and hat, equal to those used by the crew during the harvest season. From two people to a maximum of 20, the 5-hour-long programme includes various activities in which participants feel they are part of the family. 
At 11:00 (or a little earlier in warmer weather) the vineyard tour starts, with the identification of grape varieties and sensory analysis of grapes, seeds and stems. But there's also time to participate in hand-pick harvesting. Inside the cellar of Herdade de São Miguel, one can try grape must, wine reassembly of carving wine and foot treading, one of the liveliest moments before the expected wine tasting. Optionally, the programme may include a typical Alentejo wine, with typical local products, in the amazing scenery of this region.

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