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Vinte – Quinta da Boavista

The promise of relaxed luxury

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Vinte – Quinta da Boavista is an ecological haven, located in Portugal’s oldest town. Facing the Serra d’Arga, few would guess that Caminha is hidden behind it. It has come to life among the charms of nature, and that’s how it intends to expand. Let’s take a look.
Due to life circumstances, Ella and Sergey Smotrov, owners of Vinte – Quinta da Boavista, decided it was time for a change. They left their home country Russia and travelled around Europe. Eventually they visited Portugal, namely Ponte de Lima, during a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Rumour has it that it was love at first sight and from then on, they knew they had to leave their mark on the charismatic town. They found a property that had been left unoccupied for ten years and renovated two of the buildings on it. They named it Vinte – Quinta da Boavista, a name justified by the day they decided to change their lives, December 20, which, coincidentally, is also the number on the door of this rural establishment. Today, the estate is growing, in step with the seasons, and that’s where we’re heading.As we get closer, the hills begin to appear, lined with woodland, and there is beauty to be found among the evergreen trees. The reverie soon ends when our eyes direct us to the sign that we insist on spelling out «Vinte – Quinta da Boavista». At the entrance Maria Lopes, the reception manager, welcomes us with a sincere smile. We know we’ve arrived at the peaceful retreat when the town around the estate becomes unnoticeable. We are enveloped by a light aura that accompanies the verdant landscape of a November afternoon. Following the cobbled path that leads to the rooms, two fully renovated houses come into view, joined by a shared courtyard. One is the Casa do Caseiro (caretaker’s house) and the other is the Casa de Familia (family house). We’re given the latter, which has three bedrooms, one of which has a double bed and a walk-in wardrobe. There is a kitchen with equipment for preparing daily meals and, continuing around the accommodation, there are living areas and two bathrooms. In order to intensify the experience, we take our shoes off. The floor is heated and the room temperature creates a sense of nostalgia and emotional comfort. On the table, we’re spoilt with seasonal fruit (picked on the estate) and the house wine, called Vinte. In the bedrooms, televisions are out of sight, all we need is the built-in speaker and a bed whose pillows and mattress ensure restful sleep. 

Where time passes slowly
The concept in this place is to savour time away from the frenzy of city life. So, we relax in a hammock in the house’s covered terrace while we listen to the mystical sounds of nature and savour the Vinte wine. We toast to life and the freedom of feeling free as the night falls.
A new day begins at Vinte – Quinta da Boavista. The rain is falling, but this doesn’t deter us from adventures throughout the 13 hectares. At this time, a family table full of home-grown and organic produce awaits us at the Main House, where the first meal of the day is served. The temperature invites us in, as do the smells and flavours. For a moment, the setting triggers memories of childhood, when cold mornings began with a warm and comforting breakfast made by grandma. 
When the weather allows us, we decide to go for a walk in the company of owner Sergey Smotrov, followed by Nico, the big dog who lives on the estate. 
We visit the reception, the bar and the wine cellar, which stand out for their exquisite details. Nothing here is by chance, and Ella makes sure of that. All you need do is look at the large trees outside, which are surrounded by sustainable benches, always under the motto of conviviality. In between, we visit the pastures, the vegetable garden with the bounty the earth allows and a greenhouse filled with curious herbs and worn gloves. There is also an area exclusively for children, designed with all the amenities and activities to keep them entertained, without forgetting the necessary safety. A playground is also available for them to run around freely. For adults, the sauna is an ideal plan and, in hot weather, we recommend a lavender-scented dip in the estate’s swimming pool. Not forgetting the garden, which features a lake and an amphitheatre that brings to mind the pleasure of entertainment. Life is beautiful at this extended-stay property. The last thing to visit is the Casa da Geleia, where the team stores the season’s produce and, next door, the laundry room open to guests. The experience becomes even more authentic when you add bike rides, yoga and other leisure activities to the range of attractions.
With another day of exploring over, we say goodbye to Vinte, looking at it one last time with the hope of returning.
Joana Rebelo
T. Joana Rebelo
P. André Rolo
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