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Chef Paulo Morais opens new restaurant


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Paulo Morais, the first chef who dedicated himself to sushi in Portugal and clearly a master regarding the oriental cuisine in Portugal, opened his new restaurant, Tsukiji, named after the largest fish market in the world, in Japan. A privileged location and historically rich, in Belém quarter, Lisbon, the new Tsukiji is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a meal with a lot of quality or drink a glass of good wine or sake (no wine & sake bar) while waiting. The space is large and bright, and offers a wide range of possibilities for the whole family. At the entrance, a bar filled with the freshest fish and seafood sets the tone for the meal: John Dory fish, monkfish, Grouper, snapper or flounder, turbot, sea urchins, lobsters or shrimp are served, always worked creatively. But there are also sushi and sashimi, tasty ramen, ceviche and appetising Waggyu meat, considered the best in the world. Another possibility at Tsukiji is the tasting menu, divided into five different moments, consisting of fish chosen by the customers.

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