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Vítor Sobral keeps some spaces open but with a different service

«I have the social responsibility to help»

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Unlike some dining spaces, which have temporarily closed doors due to COVID-19, without providing any kind of service, the renowned Chef Vítor Sobral kept some of his spaces open, only changing his way of working. The restaurants Tasca da Esquina and Peixaria da Esquina, in Campo de Ourique, in Lisbon, are not open to welcome customers in their rooms, but are operating using home delivery platforms such as Glovo and noMENU, or providing a takeaway service, where orders are delivered at the door-to-door. The three Padarias da Esquina, in Alvalade, Campo de Ourique and Restelo, are also open, but only with counter service and with the various suggestions prepared in a traditional way. «I have the social responsibility to help by providing a useful service to all. I have to continue providing service that help civil society», explained the Chef.
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