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COMO Parrot Cay

The formula for balance

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Restoring well-being requires time and space. For the space, V&G suggests: COMO Parrot Cay Spa. In the Turks and Caicos Islands, this spa reproduces the daily activity, based on Asian-inspired holistic therapies, with complementary nutritional programmes. Before embarking on your spiritual journey, disconnect from everything material or superfluous for the moment. Put on your comfiest dressing gown, sink into the chair and let yourself be carried away by the good vibes.
Immerse yourself in another realm, where the sea water can be heard and the air feels light and full. You’re in the COMO Parrot, lying on a massage table with a view of the infinity of the sky and the sea. With the help of a soothing oil, your skin detects a hot stone tracing the tightness and tension of your muscles, breaking up deep knots. The tenseness begins to soothe the body, being extracted by the circular movements of the stone. 90 minutes have passed and the Hot River Stone Massage has fulfilled its duty of rigorous therapy. Feeling lighter, you decide to get up and enjoy the sun’s rays in the infinity pool, where you float for minutes in silence.

Combining modern science with ancient practices

To continue this journey, you head to the yoga studio and embark on a 60-minute class, where slow, delicate and deep movements prompt a dialogue with the inner self. In the final stage of the process, you can enjoy half an hour in the sauna. Without being in a hurry, you savour the time and what it gives you and, in a matter of minutes, your body emanates signs of gratification through your pores. The experience ends with a glass of COMO Shambhala Muscle Mylk, a drink made from banana, coconut and other ingredients that reduce inflammation in the muscles and boost their recovery. As with this itinerary, there are many others that can be adapted.
COMO Parrot Cay is a sanctuary for the senses, combining modern science with ancient practices under the banner of aligning mind, body and spirit. In addition to offering nine treatment rooms with a diverse range of therapies, there is also a yoga pavilion, Pilates studio, garden and jacuzzi. Not forgetting the COMO Shambhala kitchen, which prepares healthy dishes using organic ingredients combined in nutritious formulas. This is the spa’s approach, that of a new outlook on life.
Joana Rebelo
T. Joana Rebelo
P. Rights Reserved
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