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The Spa at Pebble Beach

A sanctuary for the senses

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Welcome to The Spa at Pebble Beach, an exclusive setting that figures on the list of 90 spas in the world to be awarded the Forbes Five-Stars Award.
Located in California, the spa is one of the leading favourites among Americans, and for many others too... Its wide range of services makes Pebble Beach a tourist magnet, able to attract people from the four corners of the world. By wide range we mean the most varied service line-up, including anything from massages, exfoliations and body wraps to water and beauty treatments and other services such as nails and hair styling.
Do you feel that the build-up of the stress of daily life has turned you into a heavier person? Here you can find the solution. Reducing stress and restoring inner balance are two of guarantees offered by the health and wellness centre, achieved through the healing properties of plants, herbs and minerals native to the Monterey Peninsula. With 15 massage rooms, a full-service room, five facial rooms and a Flotation Wrap Suite, Pebble Beach is the ideal place to align the chakras. But it would seem that the surprises don’t end there. The California Skin Institute, the largest private dermatology clinic in the country, operates out of the spa as well. Botox, CoolSculping and other state-of-the-art technologies are available to you, on a par with everything you deserve.
The moment you step foot in Pebble Beach, you understand that the experience begins outside, with its exhilarating design. The setting is embellished through the combination of the rugged nature of the area with California’s Spanish colonial heritage, which results in an exotic elegance, radiating nothing but good vibes. 

On the list of 90 spas in the world to be awarded the Forbes Five-Stars Award
It also boasts a luxurious swimming pool, a garden worthy of royalty and a bonfire to warm the cockles of your heart. Moving on to the interior area, you can enjoy a steam room, whirlpool spa, sauna, ionisation room with aromatherapy and even zero gravity chairs. Apart from the salt wall, the Water Experience room and the Signature Shower treatment, there are other facilities such as The Spa Juice Bar & Café, which offers smoothies, champagne, snacks and everything you can imagine. Highlights also include the uniqueness of the products the team offers, throughout this spiritual journey, from lavender and ginger lemonade to gluten-free oat bars with peanut butter. Small details that guarantee otherworldly sensory experiences.
What would a perfect day at The Spa at Pebble Beach look like? Well, if the day starts at 9.00 am, bring your better half along as a date and have a natural juice to get your energy boosted. Then opt for the warm and relaxing Thai Herbal Compress Massage. Next, head to the pool for some great sunbathing. Let your body produce the necessary vitamin D and, afterwards, have a snack in the bar area. When you’re ready, return to the spa for a facial, a haircut and a manicure. Feeling energised? We thought you would and that’s why we recommend it.
Joana Rebelo
T. Joana Rebelo
P. Rights Reserved
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