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Stealing stress and restoring harmony

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Located in Oslo, the capital of Norway, this is a luxurious design hotel that promises to steal everyday sameness from all of its guests, offering them something extraordinary. Its name is The Thief because it was once a pirates’ lair and a prison for people of ill repute. Today, the same site is home to a modern and bold building, made of steel and glass, with Atlantic landscapes before it. Like the entire hotel, the Thief Spa ‘has stolen’ its inspiration from the success stories of the world’s metropolises.
The lift takes guests to the entrance of the Thief Spa for a dip, a treatment or a workout in a state-of-the-art gym. The epicentre is a 12-metre-long bay-shaped pool, the water of which takes on a blue, green or red hue. Overhead, a sky of lights appears as if stars and, all around, candles create a relaxing atmosphere.
Rhassoul, a Moroccan treatment, uses volcanic mud brought from the foothills of the Atlas Mountains.
In the saunas, German and Finnish cultures are combined in the classic Aufguss, which consists of pouring water and essential oils over hot stones. ‘Stealing’ wellness ideas from Turkey, Japan and Morocco and using internationally renowned cosmetic brands, the Thief Spa offers a varied range of treatments, from traditional facials and massages, for both men and women, to personalised options to meet any therapeutic requirement. Rhassoul, a Moroccan tradition that uses volcanic mud, is adapted in the Thief Spa and the mud is brought from the foothills of the Atlas Mountains to be applied in the steam room, just as the seaweed used in some treatments is handpicked on the coast of Ireland. The Citrus Essence is an antioxidant and moisturising facial, rich in vitamin C, which stimulates the senses and the production of collagen, but there are others, such as Red Carpet, Zo Signature Treatment or Thief Power Ageing. Diamond Rose Body Ritual and Thief of Algae are just two of the many body treatments. The Thief Spa has stolen ideas from the world, but has made them even better. And why has it done this ‘To steal’ stress, tiredness and the signs of the time from its guests!
T. Maria Amélia Pires
P. Thief Spa
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