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Fiji Island

The island paradise

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For many, a stay on an idyllic island hideaway is their idea of a dream holiday. And it is to one of these islands that we are now going, to Fiji, an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, home to more than 300 islands famous for their landscapes, palm-fringed beaches and coral reefs with crystal-clear lagoons. One of them, the largest of the Mamanuca Islands, is Malolo Island, a volcanic island that features two villages. However, the main islands, the ones that are home to the majority of the population, are Viti Levu – on which we find the capital – and Vanua Levu – a port town in which British colonial architecture is clear to see and where the Fiji Museum, located in the Thurston Gardens, offers an ethnographic journey to its visitors.
Travelling around Fiji is an act of collecting memories that you keep with you for life. It is feeling nature, at its very purest; it is having a sense of perfection, as soon as you contemplate the skies and take in the landscapes; it is wanting to travel, to stop, to feel the islands and not even think about the time when you return to everyday life. Here, in the crystal-clear waters of the archipelago, in the South Pacific, the joys of travelling can be felt right from the moment you step on the ground and when you are welcomed by the local people. It is here that the pleasure of enjoying life at a slow pace fills us with the desire to stay, for days on end, on this island, where the limit is the ocean.
The islands offer the chance to dive, surf, snorkel, engage in outdoor activities, and experience almost untouched pieces of nature. The best time to go is between May and October, the dry season, with mild temperatures, as you would expect of a tropical climate (with average temperatures between 19ºC and 29ºC); on the other hand, the warmer wet season, the so-called ‘summer’, runs from November to April.

Fiji is located in an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, home to more than 300 islands.
It is in this tropical setting of the sublime Malolo Island that Six Senses Fiji welcomes us: located just 25 kilometres from Nadi International Airport (NAN) this resort is surrounded by clear waters and white sandy beaches. The resort consists of 24 spacious villas with private pools, and has 60 luxury residences, with two to five bedrooms, for large families, which overlook Vunabaka Bay. This wonderful realm is spread over the property’s nigh-on 50 hectares of land, where the expansive bay is surrounded by extraordinary native vegetation. In this peaceful setting, ocean lovers looking for their own piece of tropical paradise will find every comfort they could ever need in any of the accommodation options available at the resort. And be prepared to have your breath taken when you see the beauty of the prehistoric Baka trees and Malolo Hill in the middle of the island, as the scenery is incredible. 
We understand that to enjoy a truly exceptional experience it is also essential to eat well. That’s why there are five restaurants within the resort to satisfy the most discerning of palates. At the Tovolea restaurant, for example, in addition to an à la carte taste experience, with gourmet dishes to choose from, the ocean view also attracts guests. There is certainly no shortage of variety in this paradisiacal refuge, from healthy or classic dishes to more tropical ones. The process of deciding is, in itself, difficult. The resort is unrelenting in the fine presentation of dishes made with seasonal produce, locally inspired and sustainably sourced. 

The best time to visit Fiji is between May and October, the dry season.
And, of course, with so many gastronomic options, you’ll feel duty bound to exercise the body, through physical activities, to keep in shape, and, finally, enjoy the spa treatments, in the Wellness Village, to soothe body and mind and experience a profound sense of wellbeing. In this Eden, treatments combine science and human awareness, where the presence of high-tech equipment gives the finishing touch to a personalised service. To this end, imagine yourself relaxing in the steam room, the cold and hot plunge pools, and the wide range of adventure and leisure activities you can enjoy, such as sailing, jet-ski safaris, snorkelling, kayaking, water-skiing and stunning island tours. And, when the day comes to the end, watch a film, under the stars, presented on a large screen outside. This will surely figure among your dream trips. This being the case, step aboard and discover the world of this Pacific island.
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T. Maria Cruz
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