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The pearl of Asia

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This is no Journey to the Centre of the Earth, but it can certainly take your breath away. Our proposition, to set off for South West Asia, landing in the Republic of Singapore. There, the future is happening right now, and it’s just the scenery that makes it one in a million. With its territory spread over 63 islands, Singapore is today one of the richest countries in the world, with a population of 5.64 million.
Singapore is not your standard destination. Everything is meticulously geared towards the future, and proof of this is sustainability, which is already a long-standing maxim. We’re talking about a green city, which has flourished out of the needs of the planet and acted according to the dictates of luxury. Within the city, a separate universe has been created, which the world watches through 3D glasses.

A green city, which has flourished out of the needs of the planet

By all accounts, the best experiences can be enjoyed between the months of December and March, when there not so much rain. Given that the country is close to the equator, expect both humid and hot weather. Also make sure your passport has the required validity and that your International Vaccination Certificate shows you’ve been vaccinated against yellow fever. But pre-trip requirements shouldn’t be your only concern, as there are a range of actions that are prohibited in Singapore, which is probably not the case in your home country. 
The organisation of the Parliamentary Republic depends on discipline and therefore frowns on the consumption of alcoholic drinks, spitting on the floor, not flushing the toilet in public toilets, among other prohibitions that may incur a fine. The multi-cultural status of the city-state can be measured in its four official languages, which include English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. The currency is the Singapore Dollar and you can easily exchange your money at exchange bureaus throughout the city.
For a full experience, we would recommend staying at Marina Bay Sands. Perched above the bay, the hotel is larger than the Eiffel Tower, and boasts a casino, swimming pools, more than 20 dining options and direct access to the Shopping Centre and ArtScience Museum.
Have you fully acclimatised now? Let’s move on to the sights, which can be found to suit all tastes and moods. The first stop is Merlion Park. Highlights not only include its scenic beauty, but also the statue of a mythical being, with half of its body in the shape of a lion and the other half in the shape of a fish. At over nine metres tall, bow down and introduce yourself to Singapore’s mascot. Next up is the Singapore Flyer, the city-state’s renowned ferris wheel. It can carry 784 passengers and is 175 metres high. From its top, if you look carefully, you can see part of Indonesia and Malaysia. Before heading to the Buddha Tooth Relic, go over the Helix Bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, which serves as an art exhibition area; and, of course, the Gardens by the Bay, which resemble magical fairy-tale houses. If you like to meditate, the Buddhist Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Temple is the place to be, with its ostentatious façade. Next door stands the Sri Mariamman Temple, the oldest in the city. If mythology fascinates you, take time to take a look at the gods and mythological figures recreated and arranged in the temple concourse.

The multi-cultural status of the city-state can be measured in its four official languages
The next stop is Chinatown. The cultural diversity it contains is amazing. Here you’ll be able to experience a host of different cuisines, people and traditions. Just don’t get lost, because there is so much to explore. If the thought of strolling through the city is already making you feel hot, it’s time to cool down at Palawan Beach, with its crystal-clear waters and gentle waves. Later, end the day at the Singapore Night Safari or the Singapore Botanic Gardens, both inspiring and adventure-packed. Chilli crab and satay chicken skewers are some of the dishes that will appear on your dinner menu, but there’s no need to worry, the whole menu is delicious.
The adventure will continue for more days, as there is still so much to discover and savour. Take it easy and return the next day, ready to connect body and soul with the city of the future.
Joana Rebelo
T. Joana Rebelo
P. Rights Reserved
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