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Singita Lodges

An adventure through the six treasures of Tanzania

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Tired of the daily stress and not having any time for yourself? Come and celebrate life in the company of Mother Nature and the six treasures of Tanzania: the Singita Lodges. These are six collections that guarantee harmony with nature, where you can enjoy experiences that break the monotonous routine of your everyday life. Fresh air, the soothing sounds of nature and mesmerising landscapes with divine sunsets is all you need to find inner peace and strengthen ties. Head further away, to get closer to your heart.
It's time to pack your bags and experience the best that Tanzania has to offer with the six Singita Lodges. We’re landing in East Africa, a country rich in wildlife and a multitude of languages, approximately 100, spoken. Although Tanzania has no official language, Swahili is considered the national language, but fear not, the people are familiar with English. The fossils of the first humans have been found in this country, since then it is considered to be the cradle of humanity. We are talking about a lot of history, biodiversity and cultural miscegenation. Convinced?
Before we take off, it is important not to forget to get vaccinated and suitably protected. Our destination is an area with a malaria risk and, besides this, it is advisable to find out about other vaccinations you may need, including those for COVID-19. And, of course, you need to also remember to check the validity of your passport. When packing, bear in mind that Tanzania has a constant climate, for which you need casual light clothing and a jacket for the cooler mornings and evenings. As we will be enjoying a safari experience, a choice of comfortable clothing is preferable. Cotton clothes in neutral colours are ideal, trying to avoid white and black due to their eye-catching nature for certain insects. Formality is not one of values of the Singita lodges, so comfortable trainers for long walks, a tracksuit and swim wear to cool off in the water are the best choices. Mosquito repellent, sunscreen, sun hat, binoculars and a camera are also a must. Are you all set now? Let’s go.
Relaxed luxury with a sustainable approach

Arriving at Grumeti Reserves, you know you’re at the first stop on the journey. The experience begins at Singita Explore, the perfect place to deeply connect with nature. We are on a safari that puts our senses to the test. The plan is to camp in the region’s most coveted wilderness environment, without forgoing comfort and excellent service. There are up to six customised tents, according to the needs of the Singita guest. In contrast to the simplicity of nature, there is a hint of luxury in some of the furniture and chromed elements. Even so, the touch of nature prevails in the textures and tones to match the surrounding environment. The wild experience guarantees privacy and memorable moments, such as afternoons refreshed by the swimming pool waters, meditation with the aromas, views and sounds that nature has on offer and dinners under a sky filled with shooting stars. A true escape to a place that craves adventure and deep connections to the earth, rather than city stress. And as for staying operational, don’t worry, the network is good enough to make long calls telling people about the experiences in Tanzania’s six wonders. You’ll also have electricity, and children won’t stop you from spending dreamy days at Explore, as the safari also offers less extreme activities for the younger ones. If you feel that the spiritual connection with Mother Nature has been strengthened, this is a sign that you are ready to move on to the next stop on the itinerary.
Singita Faru Faru. We have arrived at the place where luxury, otherworldly suites, exceptional service, Michelin level meals and safari experiences reign supreme. Set on a gently sloping hill on the banks of the Ruwana River, this Singita is located in the Grumeti private game reserve. This is a amazing space, mixing contemporary style influences and a quaint botanical camp. The ambience provides a feeling of exclusivity, with exquisite food, excellent services, two swimming pools, spa, gym, among other services that guarantee heightened attention to the guest. You really must enjoy some wine accompanied by good food in the pool area, always in the company of the diverse selection of animals. The suites made of stone, canvas and straw guarantee a camping atmosphere, although the interior ensures another level of comfort and luxury, incorporating panoramic windows, mirrored partitions, indoor bath and outside shower, air conditioning, mini-bar, coffee machine, telephone and a small deck with games. The view from your room may vary, we recommend the one where you wake up facing the river. There are suites that offer a private pool and other treats that guarantee special nights. Before you get to your next destination, make sure you experience the activities that Faru has on offer, from visits to local communities to wine tastings.
Now it’s time for the Singita Mara River Tented Camp, the most eco-friendly place in the collection. Built in natural and recycled materials, the space has a beating green heart. Mara River’s governing maxim is based on eliminating unnecessary use of energy and non-biodegradable materials, providing an environment for the guest that ensures true communion with nature. In fact, the design concept enhances the experience, with its campsite that feels more like an extension of the local wildlife. The tents are designed to combat curious insects and, inside, you can feel the African vibes, with décor that celebrates the country. Relaxed luxury with a sustainable approach, and certainly healthy for you.
With no time for rest, adventure calls from the Singita Sabora Tented Camp. If you like to meditate, you’ll love this 4th Tanzanian treasure. With nine types of suites available, the group offers a private pantry, dining and fitness area and meditation decks. This is a place where spiritual journeys are commonplace and where yoga and meditation lovers come together. Conviviality is one of the premises of the Sabora camp, stimulated by the open-air lounges, the sofas with stunning views and the pool in the main camp area. More adventurous guests can take the opportunity to observe wild animals to the sound of the roar of the lion, the king of the jungle, and euphoric birds.
This is where one of nature’s greatest spectacles takes place

As we near the end, we come across Sasakwa Lodge, another member of the family, located on the slopes of Sasakwa Hill. This is where one of nature’s greatest spectacles takes place, the great migration, which brings together hundreds of zebras, wildebeests and gazelles thirsty for water and hungry for food. There are many activities planned to explore and live among the animal kingdom and perhaps, if you listen carefully, you will hear a sound familiar to Hakuna Matata from the depths. There are 10 chalets on offer, each incorporating a luxurious infinity pool. There are countless treats in this space, but its exclusivity lies in its butlers, tennis and archery and the wellness and spa treatments. It is a complete and exquisite scenario that invokes the mystery of nature and awakens the adventurous side of every visitor.
We seem to have arrived at the last stop on our journey, Serengeti House. We are in the perfect haven to celebrate love. The stay guarantees a guide to direct you through this discovery. It is the endless views over the Serengeti plains that make this country’s last paradise so special. The retreat offers four suites with private terraces, a family kitchen, massage room and tennis court, always joined by contemporary luxury. The Serengeti has a secret that it only unveils to a Singita guest. From what they say, there’s private access to a desert. Promising, huh?
They say that all good things come to an end quickly, and so we say goodbye to Tanzania and its six Singitas, true paradises in the midst of nature.
Joana Rebelo
T. Joana Rebelo
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