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A bracelet that senses seizures

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Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, by binding to these via Bluetooth, Embrace, from the medical company Empatica, is an equipment to wear on the wrist with a revolutionary technology designed to identify seizures and notify healthcare professionals for help. In addition, this device also provides rest and physical activity analysis to understand the user's lifestyle. Approved by the FDA (It is the first timet this organization approves a smartwatch clock in the field of Neurology), Embrace adds to people’s lives the comfort of knowing when the next seizure is going to happen, allowing a proactive reaction. Every time Embrace senses a seizure, Alert App sends an SMS and an automatic phone call to caregivers. In addition, this equipment brings an EDA sensor, a peripheral temperature sensor, an accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope. It also brings a loading dock, which includes a micro-USB cable that can be used to connect your device to your computer or to an external power supply.

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