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Lexus is a partner of Meet Vincent van Gogh

Model UX is the official vehicle

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As the official partner of the Meet Vincent van Gogh exhibition, an initiative organized by the Van Gogh Museum and UAU, taking place in Belém, in Terreiro das Missas, Lexus will be present in multiple ways at the event. One is to be responsible for the Official Vehicle of the MVVG Lisboa 2020 experience. Bold and at the forefront, as the initiative itself, the UX model was chosen as the experience official Vehicle. The Crossover electrified with Self-Charging Hybrid technology will join, until May 31st, this immersive journey to the life and work of one of the most famous artists ever. Meet Vincent van Gogh is an innovative concept of edutainment developed with the mission to preserve and disseminate the painter's work, taking it across borders, to different places and audiences. Lexus believes in the power of art to change the world. The relationship between the brand and the world of art is increasingly narrow and the multiple events promoted by Lexus, with direct connection to art and design are here to prove it.

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