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Pershing 8X

Stylistic and technological revolution

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Unveiled in early 2019 in Germany, at boot Düsseldorf, considered a benchmark in the international boat and water sports industry, the Pershing 8X was one of the stars from Ferretti, seeing as the yard presented seven other aquatic icons. The Pershing 8X is the result of collaboration between architect Fulvio De Simoni, the Ferretti Group’s Strategic Products Committee and the Group’s Engineering Department. As with the predecessor, the Pershing 9X, the new 8X is made from the same material that the most contemporary and advanced nautical dreams are made of: carbon fibre. Greater lightness, greater speed and lower fuel consumption are some of the advantages of this innovative material, but there are others, such as the possibility of building larger volumes and, as a consequence, designing larger and more comfortable spaces. In the Pershing 8X, comfort is really extraordinary, thanks in large part to the materials and equipment, but also to the many benefits offered by the new system that integrates the propulsion control of the manoeuvring and navigation systems. The brand says that piloting the new 8X, even at high speeds and without the support of the captain, is fun and simple.
The boat is 25.55 m long, 5.86 m wide and sits in the less than 30 metre market segment, making it an innovative product that represents a real evolution in terms of stylistic and functional aspects. This new model from the Italian shipyard presents even more elegant and sporting lines than its predecessors, enhanced by elements characteristic of Pershing, such as the aerodynamic profile of the deck. The result is a yacht with an incomparable combination of quality and innovation.
Technologically advanced on every level, with excellent performance, innovative exterior and interior design and materials, including furniture, of the highest quality, the Pershing 8X, with more than 5200 hp, when equipped with the two most powerful MTUs, reaches a top speed of 48 knots and a cruising speed of 41 knots. 
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