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Bridgestone provides anti-seismic technology to a Sports event

The Olympic Games Paralympic games of Tokyo 2020

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Being at the forefront of seismic isolation technology for decades, the almost century-old company Bridgestone, with global headquarters in Tokyo and with Japanese roots, provided its seismic isolation last generation bearings, to two permanent locations, recently built, which will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Tokyo 2020. These bearings are flexible structural supports that isolate a soil structure to help reduce the spread of seismic shock and also reduce the possibility of damage in case of an earthquake; this type of technology is used in various facilities in Japan and around the world, including landmarks such as the Tokyo station and the Town Hall of Los Angeles.  Bridgestone will provide this advanced technology to the Aquatic Centre of Tokyo, for the categories of swimming, diving and synchronized swimming, and to the Ariake Arena, where volleyball and wheelchair basketball will be the two categories played at Tokyo 2020. After the event, the bearings will continue to contribute to the security of both places, for they will be hosts of other national and international events and, in the future, they will serve as public recreation areas and cultural centres.

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