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Datsun GO

Entertainment and communication safe driving

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Although it's tempting to text a message while waiting for the green light, this is a very dangerous act, in addition to being legally punishable. Thinking about it, Datsun GO and Datsun GO + became a reality. Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto they allow freehand texting. Datsun GO and Datsun GO + come standard with a modern infotainment 7 inch touchscreen which can be connected to a smartphone, via wireless or with a cable. Then, with eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, it is possible to access resources such as music, messaging and maps, in a much safer way, avoiding being part of the bad statistics. Both Android self and Apple CarPlay will allow you to use the personal assistants to control applications through a voice command. By making a phone call or by listening to music, all sound will be played through the sound system of Datsun GO. These platforms also offer turn-by-turn navigation system when using a map application.

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