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Design Doctoral Conference 6th edition


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Promoted by UNIDCOM-Research Unit in Design and communication from IADE (College of Design, technology and communication of the European University), under the celebration of the 50th anniversary of this institution of higher education, the 6th Edition of Design Doctoral Conference (DDC) will take place from 22nd to 24th May and was co-organized by the program of doctorate in Design from IADE, and is this year dedicated to the theme of Transformação. The campus of Salem was the location chosen to host researchers, speakers and national and international renowned designers. This initiative creates an opportunity to reflect on the challenges and the changes that have occurred in the last half a century, and in the power that schools like IADE possess, having transformed and propelled a knowledge area in a conservative society, raising the interest in the study of design, creative industries and technology in Portugal. So, in this 6th Edition of the DDC, intends to reflect on the theme of Transformation, with the assumption that Design is a subject that exists to make ideas become true, materializing them into new futures, as it possesses the great power of engaging with the world, transforming it. Apart from Ezio Manzini, Johan Redström and Paulo Teixeira Pinto, who are the invited keynote speakers, other special guests such as Ezio Manzini, known for his design work for social innovation and sustainability, and Johan Redström, professor of Design at the University of Umea in Sweden will be present.

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