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Dinis Coelho founded the company of the same name more than 20 years ago, but his long career in automation began long before this, in South Africa, where he worked for American multinational Baxter Pharmaceutical. The constant challenges, the rigour, the taste for innovation and the environment of continually outdoing yourself enjoyed there gave him the necessary know-how to continue working, now in Portugal, in the industrial automation sector, while also accepting the challenge of a home automation project. After this first foray, many others followed, both here and abroad.

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Given that this area was still underdeveloped in Portugal at the time, Dinis Coelho carried out in-depth research and was required to experiment and make selections, considering his suppliers as partners in which he seeks maximum reliability and a sacrosanct commitment to quality and innovation. Nevertheless, the company does not represent any brand, and is independent of any manufacturer, which ensures it freedom, on the one hand, and, on the other, the certainty that it is selecting the most appropriate solution.
But there are other partners, especially in Portugal, Spain and the UK, to whom Dinis Coelho is grateful, namely Jaime Coutinho Arquitectos and Amendoa Arquitectos, Ecolar Decoração, Luxage, Light Designer Beau McClellan of Bybeau Studio, Netos Construtores and Eugénio Martins Construções, as well as architect Lynn, from Audiodesigner.
Dinis Coelho is «a top-level team that has been training for many years»

P. Lynn Sorenson

Dinis Coelho is «a top-level team that has been training for many years», a longevity that also contributes to forging strong ties with customers. A multidisciplinary team made up of people trained in various fields, such as computer science, electrical engineering, telecommunications, industrial automation, architecture, lighting design, acoustics and music, creates customised solutions that meet the needs of every client and can include areas such as electrical system design, lighting design, lighting control, solar treatment, sound and video distribution, Home Cinema, acoustics, networks and telecommunications, security, especially peripheral (detection prior to entry) or swimming pool protection. In addition, the company focuses on the long term, given that every solution is designed to accompany the lives of its customers, such as growing families or new requirements due to age, or simply out of desire, because Dinis Coelho creates unique and intuitive environments, integrated solutions for sustainable, comfortable and customised spaces... limited only by your imagination!

T. Maria Amélia Pires
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