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Logic Compact arrives in Portugal

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An alternative to conventional cigarettes has reached Portugal. The Logic Compact system is an electronic cigarette that has no ash and no smell and uses lithium battery, in an innovative concept. The product arrives through Japan Tobacco International – JTI, a company that owns Winston and Camel brands. The Logic Compact system is a metallic rechargeable device, in pink or grey and with a USB chargable battery that has two days of autonomy for 300 vaporizations. The refills are magnetic and easy to fit and they can be found in four different flavours: tobacco, red berries, mint and strawberry. At the presentation of the product, Yannick Girault, the country manager of JTI Portugal, mentioned that the one billion dollars investment was made after a lot of research, until it reached the consumer. He added that by the end of 2020 it is expected another equal value. «The e-cigarette segment is still small and only represents  4% of the world's consumption of nicotine products, or 18 million consumers», he added. Portugal is one of the 10 European countries where Logic Compact is ready to be commercialized in the beginnings of November.

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