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New insulation foams

Created out of cork

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A research team from the Instituto de Materiais de Aveiro (CICECO) of the University of Aveiro (UA) has managed to produce thermal insulation foam, made of waste cork from the production of stoppers, using 3D printing, thus taking advantage of national cork and, at the same time, promoting the circular economy. According to Nuno Gama, the researcher responsible for the project, this cork material possesses thermal insulation values identical to conventional foams and «opens doors to the production of foams with a cellular structure to the exact extent of needs». The fact that it promotes sustainability and flexibility of foams – «which can increase the range of material applications, such as in the absorption of vibrations or sound energy» – is also one of the advantages of this new material. Moreover, this research team includes Artur Ferreira and Ana Barros-Timmons.

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