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NXT90e e-stroller, the Electric baby stroller

Bosch Technology

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If a bicycle, a scooter, an electric scooter and a car can benefit from sustainable mobility and smartphone connectivity, why aren’t the same technologies applied to baby strollers? Thinking about it, Bosch has presented a solution that will revolutionize the day-to-day of future parents. Bosch has already made its technology available to other companies, like Emmaljunga, a Swedish company that is applying it in a stroller that will probably be on sale later this year. This technology from Bosch, in addition to offering a much more fluid handling of the cart, will also analyse the area to go, mapping everything around in order to ‘decide’ whether it is advisable to go through a certain location of the park. This NXT90e e-stroller will be equipped with an 18V battery that offers autonomy of about 15 km. In addition, it comes with USB connectors to recharge the devices (such as smartphones) along the way and will have Bluetooth connectivity so as to control the battery status, or set anti-theft alarms through the Phone, among other features.

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