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The luxury car segment in Portugal

António Marques

Sales Manager Carclasse S.A.

António Marques
The luxury car segment in Portugal has grown in recent years, as a result of the brands and their representatives committing to the national market and the opening of sales and technical assistance outlets outside the two metropolitan areas. With this proximity, customers have a means to making the deal happen. And the emergence of new and exciting models makes the luxury car sector increasingly competitive and attractive. 
The new hybrid and 100% electric engines, already present in almost every brand in the luxury segment, make automobile electrification a reality in the near future for some brands. Jaguar, for example, aims at complete electrification of the range, positioning itself at the top of the chain. For its part, Land Rover is leaning towards plug-in hybrid motors, but 100% electric will arrive to complement the offer.  
Environmental concern is more and more present in manufacturers and consumers’ minds. The constant reduction of pollutant emissions, the use of recycled and recyclable materials, the options of sustainable fabrics and the use of synthetic leather are, for example, concerns that are increasingly present in customers’ choices.
The interior of the new hybrid models will have an acoustic effect that will give us a good sound, allied with high performance, to provide the voluptuousness and refinement of a segment that will always be present on our roads.  
This way, the presence of cars that turn heads on Portuguese roads is increasing and the growth of the sale of used cars in this niche also contributes to this.
A luxury or super-sports car will not offer us its 12 cylinders as in the 1970s and 1980s. We have gone to 10 or 8 cylinders. As a matter of fact, nowadays, 6 cylinders lie under many of the bonnets of cars, bringing us a comparative silence, as will be the silence of electric cars!
In the meantime beautiful classics remain with their smells of leather and petrol to remind us of the segment’s glory days. 
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