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Bragança: Economic Development and Competitiveness

Hernâni Dias

Mayor of Bragança Municipal Council

Hernâni Dias
Bragança is, today, the image of an attractive, close, dynamic, intelligent and welcoming territory, able to compete with other territories in Europe in terms of development and quality of life. Several independent studies have been published, in which we have performed honourably in the three areas of Business (Investment), Visiting (Tourism) and Living (Talent).
In recent years Bragança has looked at the municipality as a whole and at the region as a strategic partner. This is the only way to increase attractiveness, strengthen the economy, create jobs, increase and diversify its range of cultural and touristic offerings and contribute to a greater territorial cohesion.
Economic Development and Competitiveness has been a strategic, prioritised pillar behind our performance, on the path to more wealth, more jobs and territorial cohesion. In this context, we are working, with determination, to attract more companies to Bragança. 
In a process of affirmation, I highlight Bragança’s leading position in terms of international trade, being the 10th most exporting municipality in the North Region, with a volume of more than 730 million Euros. We should also highlight the Science and Technology Park - Brigantia Ecopark, which is designed to welcome low environmental impact technology-based companies, and already has 75 companies and 327 employees, 96% of whom are qualified or highly qualified.
Environmental sustainability is something we aspire to on a daily basis, through the implementation of various measures/projects that promote sustainable mobility, investment in renewable energies and saving energy – so important in these troubled days we live in.
We are one of the safest municipalities in the country and with an enviable quality of life. It takes less than 15 minutes to walk or cycle from home to work, to your children’s school, to the supermarket, the hospital or the gym.
The pandemic changed the work and tourism paradigm and created new opportunities for destinations in the interior of the country. In this field, Bragança has strong assets, such as nature, heritage, rich gastronomy, culture, traditions and, especially, the hospitality of its people.
If there is a unique territory to Live, Visit and Invest, it is, without a doubt, «Bragança, Naturally!» We look forward to your visit.
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